Monday, March 4, 2013

Review - RockStarRegal

This girl is gorgeous. There is no way around it. Her tits are perfect, her ass is amazing, and her tongue is out of this world! And with only a few completely correctable errors on her part she could potentially make a living on MFC.

So why isn't RockStarRegal ranked higher? .

Be prepared to watch her eat, surf the internet, and spend lots of time looking at her phone. Her public shows are good enough, worth tipping. Her private shows are another matter. She has about as much emotion as a realdoll. It it isn't a shower show, it is not worth it. She also gets frustrated that people won't tip to watch her surf the internet and will abruptly quit. She will also take frequent "breaks" and go offline for "just a few minutes" and not come back for an hour or two. I guess she doesn't understand that once you let a fish off of a hook, it won't come back.
All of this is such a shame because if she just fixed a few things she would make a GREAT cam girl. She is drop dead gorgeous and has a smile that could ruin kings. She is well worth a watch if you have some patience and don't want to go private.

Final Rating: 5/10 with the potential to be a 9/10 if she only tried.

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